Rich Bit E-bike RT-619

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$1127.70 Buy It Now
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$1127.70 Buy It Now

The Rich Bit E-bike RT-619 is an amazing electric bike that can fold and powered by some interesting technologies in the market today. Sporting a nice 10.2Ah Li-Ion battery with about 5 level pedal assist with rear luggage rack, the 14-inch folding bike i just one of the best in the market yet.


Some of the cool things about this electric bike includes the fact that it’s valuable for both men and women between the 150cm and 180cm height and it sports a brushless 250w motor which is good for short trips and can reach about 25-30Km/h and has an LCD display to showcase the important riding information while you are on.

In terms of the design, it has a cool outward look and very nice user experience at the end of it all. It sports vacuum and waterproof technology that makes it easy comfortable to control the system in a much more flexible manner as possible.

The fact that it can fold is a big deal for the e-bike and it’s also able to haul a large cargo as well. Although might not be a good fit for adults as the hauling capacity is just 25kg but it can be well placed right at the back of a car.

It has a safe brake system and electric cut-off when you press on the brake. It also update the light system on this bike, not only add rear brake light, but also add direction indicator lights, really enhance safety of riding at nigh. And two rear-view mirrors on the front handlebar also make a big difference, you can monitor road conditions on your backward casually

Best of all is that it just got much cheaper than ever as GearBest currently offer the Rich Bit E-bike RT-619 deal with a 6% discount reducing the price to just US$1,127.70.


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