Roborock S5 Max Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa – White

Deal Score+1
$459.99 $652.51 Buy It Now
Deal Score+1
$459.99 $652.51 Buy It Now

If you want a clean home with little effort then the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner is the best you can get. There are obviously a lot of these devices in the market today but most of them fail in crucial aspects which is where the Roborock excels far better making it an advanced smart home device that you need.


Aside being great, it has some really high quality such as helping maintain a really clean home with little effort all through your smartphone to make schedules and set things into action.

The Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner has some really improved mop and sweep features with a large water tank which allows it to clean a larger surface areas with improved efficiency.

It has a powerful suction and adaptive technology with route planning algorithm that allows it to detect where to clean while escaping from obstacles in the home.

The high efficiency of the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner includes a water tank that can take up to 290ml and cover over 200 square meters with a high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor scanner at about 300RPM.

It has a quick-release main brush, mop mount, water tank, and dustbin for easy maintenance, washable air filter and mop pad extends lifetime use of these items.

It also sports an application as well as docking station with the water switching of allowing the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner to prepare itself for the next task.

Schedule cleanup for specific rooms at different times, on different days.
Climbs easily over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets. Automatically switches to turbo mode when cleaning carpet. The robot will automatically charge back when the power is less than 20%, and evaluate the required charging time according to the area of ​​the unswept area.

When the power is sufficient, the robot will continue to clean the unswept area.

Consistent mop pressure design to ensure the mopping effect.
Selective room mopping allows users to select specific rooms for mopping, set appropriate water flow and vacuum strength for each room.

Maximum suction up to 2000Pa hydrostatic air duct improvement, reduce wind resistance, improve dust absorption capacity.

And the great news about the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner is that it’s now being offered by Banggood at a massive 30% discount from it’s initial sales price of about US$652.51 down to just US$459.99. So grab this great offer on Brumpost Deals and get your home well tidied up with this amazing robot vacuum cleaner.

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